Joey Currais


Very few trainers in this Country have the prestige of being Champion or Reserve in all three divisions at Pony Finals, as does Joey Currais

Photo & Video Gallery

Alex and Archie enjoying Fairfield!
John and Marion competing in the Junior Hunters at Princeton!
Hope Verschleiser and Moonlight Star at Pony Finals!
 Aerin Gannat on Radiance Second Place at Washington. Please click on video below to see.
Isha Swani and Park Place score an 88 in the 
WCHR Junior Hunter 3'3' Classic at WEF 6! 

Photo on right:

Tess Jacobson in the Junior Hunters at Devon 2012

Above: Joey accepting award for Champion Large Pony at Pony Finals

Joey Currias riding one of his favorite jumpers in Palm Beach.