Joey Currais


Very few trainers in this Country     

      have the prestige of being       Champion or Reserve in all three divisions at Pony Finals, as does

              Joey Currais



Joey has a wonderful eye for purchasing horses and ponies that go
on to win in every major catorgory. If it's just a schooling pony you're
looking for, or a winner, hunter and jumper, Joey frequently has ponies and horses

for sale and/or lease.

Feel free to contact him and let him know your
needs and he will get back to you


"Just Kidding", for sale, or lease, 3'6" Junior/amy owner. Perfect changes, sound and brave, and is the perfect first 3'6" horse. Scores of 85 and 86 in Florida at WEF in 3'3" Hunters.

For sale, One Hot Pepper. One Hot Pepper at the WIHS pony medal

One Hot Pepper, pony hunter, for sale.

For sale or lease: Normandy doing the 3'6" at Garden State.