Joey Currais


Very few trainers in this Country have the prestige of being Champion or Reserve in all three divisions at Pony Finals, as does Joey Currais

Sales Highlights


Joey has a wonderful eye for purchasing horses and ponies that go
on to win in every major division. 

Joey frequently has ponies and horses for sale and/or lease from lesson horses to winners at national horse shows.  

Some listed below, others available. Contact for details


Obsession-  16.2 Classy and easy, experience in 3'3 Junior Hunters, Big eq

Vollant- 16.2 sweet and fast, children's jumper

Vivaldi- 16.2 1/4 Brave, sweet, and fancy 3'-3'3 Hunter! 

Grafton Street- Perfect first horse can bring any rider from the 2'6-3'3. Hack winner, auto changes, very sweet and simple to ride


Farnley Belisaruis- Fancy Medium Pony Hunter, auto changes, brave, winner of the Medal at Marshall and Sterling Finals 

Sundown- Small Pony Hunter, the whole package! brave, auto changes, hacks, Jumps and Models! ready to win in the smalls 2018

Everyday Enzo- Fancy Small Pony Hunter, hacks, models and jumps,  pony finals champion 2009, ready to teach his next rider the ropes!

Moonlight Star- Medium Pony Hunter, brave and safe. Model winner at pony finals 2013. 

Costello- Large Pony Hunter. Perfect Short Stiprrup- Pony Hunters. Brave, auto changes simple ride.

Mapleside Mcdreamy- Fancy Large Pony Hunter, Huge step, brave hack winner. 

Daybreak- Ultimate first large pony. Short stirrup- children's. the best teacher, awesome pony for timid riders. Auto everything. 

20016 16.1 1/2 Bay Gelding
3'3 Junior Hunters WEF 2017
16.2 Classy Hunter, brave, simple to ride 
2009 16.2 1/4 Bay Gelding
Sweet, brave and very simple to ride. Can bring a rider from the 2'6-3'3
Grafton Street 
2004 Bay Mare
Top hack ribbon, Brave, sweet and easy. Perfect first horse.
 Everyday Enzo 
12.2 Chestnut Gelding
The ultimate first small pony hunter 
simple to ride, brave, auto changes the best first small
Farnley Belisarius 
2006 Bay Gelding 
Ultimate Medium Pony Hunter. Brave, safe, auto changes, hack winner and a blast to ride!  
Marshall and Sterling Pony Medal Finals Winner
Moonlight Star 
13.2, 2003 Mare, sweet and brave medium pony hunter 
Pony Finals 2013 Mondel Winner 
Reserve champion Medium Pony Hunters at Garden State
Ribbons at Old Salem, Princeton, WEF 
Only Blue
2007,14.1 3/4 mare.
Champion Large Greens Old Salem 1 
Champion Large Greens Old Salem 2 
Grand Green Pony Champion Fairfield 2018 
 Champion Princeton 

Costello  is a Grey,14.1 5/8 hand 2005 Gelding. He is the best teacher short stirrup through the Large Pony Hunters.
Mapleside Mcdreamy 
2005,14.2 Large Pony Gelding
Brave, sweet, hack winner 
Pony  Hunter Classic Winter ESP Spring 
Champion Large Pony Hunters HITS 2 2018 

2003 14.1 1/2 Palomino
Best first pony. Can take any rider from Short Stirrup- Large Childrens. The safest pony, brave auto changes, never takes a wrong step. Barn favorite
 Short Stirrup through the Small Pony Hunters!
THE WHOLE PACKAGE, moves, models and jumps!